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The Company gathers personal information to run efficiently and in accordance with legal requirements. The company gathers and stores personal data from its current and previous clients, as well as from its staff members. Occasionally, the company may be exposed to personal data from any of the aforementioned parties. When users join up for the services offered by the Company and/or when users supply information in other ways when using the Company’s services,
the Company obtains personal data that is voluntarily submitted by users. The Company will only use the data it gathers in the ways we disclose at the time of collection, as well as in the ways outlined in this privacy statement. Without your permission, we will not thereafter modify how we use your personal information. We may use your personal information in a variety of ways, including but not restricted to:

  • Make it possible to get in touch with you
  • Adhere to legal requirements
  • Make it possible to provide you advise on your diet and exercise routine
  • Calculate the site’s user base and usage
  • Conduct company marketing, advertising, and promotions
  • Notify you of surveys, workshops, and other events run by the Company
  • Recognize you when you return
  • Conduct company marketing, advertising, and promotions
  • Submissions made via the company’s website
  • Information gleaned from references
  • The outcomes of any surveys or tests for fitness and/or health.
  • The Company informs all identified people of the reasons for the collection and use of personal

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